A dedicated stock photography about Greater London

London Stock Photos provides high quality curated imagery about Greater London for editorial usage*.
The preferred photo source for many of London's most prestigious Magazines, Newspapers and Design Agencies. All images are available for immediate purchase, download and use, also in prints.

About the library

Founded by the renowned architectural and aerial photographer Joás Souza, who over the past 17 years has created an extensive, private stock photo library of the Greater London, now making it available for the public to buy.

This photo library has been curated by Joás Souza and his team who maintain a consistent style and image quality, captured using the latest professional equipment to date of the images. 

The London Stock Photos Benefits - Why purchase images from us?

The London Stock Photos is dedicated to providing high quality standard curated images exclusively about Greater London, portraying all different subjects of this incredible city, from classic shop windows to monumental landmarks and architectural construction styles. 

All images are mainly organised by postcodes, making it much easier to find what you are looking for about a specific area of London.

All images are licensed for editorial usage only as standard, some images where model or property releases are not required can be licensed for commercial usage upon request.

Just some of the reasons to purchase from us:

  • The image quality and consistency is outstanding in the industry
  • New images and postcodes available every week
  • Excellent Reputation - from renowned creative design consultancy, such as Sutton Young and unReal, to prestigious smaller companies supplying local markets
  • The fair pricing - simply pay for the size of image required. No subscriptions needed
  • The ease of payment - choose an image size, pay online, download immediately. 


Can't find images of the area that you are looking for? Please let us know, so we can get in covered as soon as possible. We also offer a commission service, on the odd chance we haven’t got what you are looking for.