A dedicated stock photography about Greater London

London Stock Photos provides high quality curated imagery about Greater London for editorial usage*.
The preferred photo source for many of London's most prestigious Magazines, Newspapers and Design Agencies. All images are available for immediate purchase, download and use, also in prints.

Searching images

London Stock Photos is organised mainly by London postcodes, so searches start typing for the desired postcode, ‘London W1’ or ‘London SW1’ for example, The results will show a broad variety of images of that area, from restaurants to windows shop. To refine the results further, just add a keywords after the postcode, like "London NW1 + pub". This will allow you to narrow your results using the various image attributes.

Finding similar images

When you click on an image to view the larger single-image view, you will see a host of keywords under the main image. Clicking a word will allow you to execute a new search using that keyword. Note that the new search set will populate in your main window, replacing your current set of results.